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Hospice Management Team

Strategic Management Group (SMG) provides strategic leadership of the Hospice and are responsible to the board for the development of future plans and the strategic direction of the Hospice. They are assisted by the HMT. SMG members are as follows: Neil Jones, Joanne Sloan and Dr Paul Cook.

The Hospice Management Team (HMT) meets on a monthly basis and regularly reviews and monitors day to day aspects of hospice management, provides strategic leadership and considers future plans and developments and deals with issues referred from staff or public.

The HMT Members are as follows:

Dr Paul Cook, Acting Chief Executive 

Mr Neil Jones, Operations Director

Mrs Joanne Sloan, Clinical Services Director 

Dr Matthias Hohmann, Medical Director

Mrs Deborah Wells, Senior Sister

Mrs Lisa Pearson, Income Generation Manager

Mrs Lyndsey Donbavand, Quality and Governance Manager

Ms Adele Doherty, Practice Development Facilitator

Mrs Simone Grove, Day Hospice Lead


The Medical Director, Clinical Services Director and Senior Sister Inpatient Unit are members of the Palliative Care Multi-Professional Committee and the Oldham Palliative Care Strategy Group.

Hospice Management Team Profiles

Dr. Paul Cook

Dr Cook has been involved with the Hospice since 1993 and is currently the acting Chief Executive. He recently retired as Consultant in Palliative Care & Pain Medicine for Oldham. He has special interests in palliative care and cancer pain treatments (including running a national cordotomy service for cancer pain at the Royal Oldham Hospital, until retiring from the NHS in September 2015), medical education and the use of information technology in healthcare.

Neil Jones

Operations Director. Neil has responsibility for all business operational services for the hospice. The role has specific control of all the finances and ensures that all money is used in the best possible way in order to ensure greater patient care.

Joanne Sloan

Clinical Services Director. Joanne is responsible for the overall management of the clinical services offered in the Inpatient Unit, Sunfields Day Hospice and the Hospice at Home service, she provides a lead on any clinical service developments in the Hospice. Her nursing career spans 33 years and prior to joining the Hospice team Joanne worked for 11 years as a senior manager at Pennine Acute Hospitals Trust, she holds a Master's degree in Health Service Management.

Dr. Matthias Hohmann

Medical Director. Dr Hohmann worked as doctor in the NHS since 1999. GP since 2004 and Member of the Royal College of GPs. Diploma in Palliative Medicine (Cardiff) 2009. Macmillan Clinical Director Cancer for the NHS Oldham Clinical Commissioning Group. Dr Hohmann became the hospice Medical Director in October 2017. 

Deborah Wells

Senior Sister of the Inpatient Unit. 

Lisa Pearson

Income Generation Manager. Lisa has worked for a wide variety of corporate organisations throughout her career. Her experience in marketing and business development combined with her commercial outlook have enabled her to move into fundraising with ease. Lisa manages a fantastically motivated team that deals with all elements of income generation including: shops, lottery, corporate and community fundraising, eBay, and legacies, and plays a huge role in ensuring that the Hospice generates sufficient funds each year to provide the love and care that it does to the people of Oldham.

Lyndsey Donbavand

Quality and Governance Manager. Group leader of the Policy Monitoring & Review Group and Clinical Governance Group. A member of the IT group and Board Secretary. The role focuses on quality assurance with the implementation of a 12 monthly audit programme for both clinical and non-clinical areas within the Hospice. Lyndsey assists with organising the training and development for the staff at the Hospice.

Adele Doherty

Adele is a senior nurse with 29 years’ experience spanning educational and managerial roles. Her current role is to facilitate education, training and development opportunities across the Hospice, to support and enable excellent person centered palliative and end of life care.

Adele holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Practice Development and a Master’s in Leadership and Management in a Healthcare Setting.

Simone Grove

Lead of Day Hospice team. 

Simone is responsible for the management of the day hospice and complementary therapy services. Simone is a physiotherapist with over 22 year’s experience, specialising in oncology and palliative care since 2003. Simone has previously worked as a Macmillan Physiotherapist, on a chemotherapy unit, in private healthcare and spent 6 years working in New Zealand. Simone is also a qualified holistic therapist and is trained in aromatherapy, reflexology, massage, head massage and reiki.