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Alana (student)

Suppers Volunteer since April 2016
Alana is going on to study nursing in the future 

Why do you volunteer for Dr Kershaw's?
I have always wanted to be a nurse and hope to go onto Salford University in a few years.  I just like people!  I like knowing that my volunteering makes a difference for people when they might need some help the most.

How does your volunteering here help your career goals?
I’m learning loads from the nurses and other staff – you can talk to them, they’re all really approachable and encouraging.  I know that when I apply to University I’ll already have some experience of working with patients.

What advice would you give to other people who might be thinking about volunteering?
Go for it!  Apply to volunteer at Dr Kershaw's, it’s already one of the best experiences of my life.  You might think a hospice will be a sad place, but it’s so worthwhile when you make a patient’s day or make their family feel comfortable.  I’m learning all the time from the team – communication skills, how to look after patients well, team working…quite a lot when you think about it really!