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April (job seeker/student)

Afternoon Tea and Reception Volunteer 2012-2016 

“I volunteer to give back to my community, it’s great to be there for the patients and to talk with the staff, for me it’s the little gestures that mean so much for patients – making them comfortable, asking about their day”.

How do you think volunteering has helped your skills for work?
Volunteering is a great starting place to increase your skills for the future and has definitely helped my build my confidence. Communication skills is the biggest thing – I’ve had to learn to talk all sorts of people from doctors to visitors, and had to build a rapport with them which is so transferable.  Even though I’ve just been helping make afternoon tea for the ward, I’ve learned to be organised and manage my time well.  I’ll definitely miss volunteering here, I’m excited to start my new job but saying goodbye is going to be difficult”.