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Derek B

Driver & Events Volunteer

How long have you volunteered with us? 
Over 3 years

Why do you volunteer for Dr Kershaw's?
It’s 5 years since my wife died and I’m not one to sit and watch the telly.  I started on the van, and do the ambulance and am now an escort for the ambulance.

What do you enjoy about volunteering for us?
Meeting people is great and so is the camaraderie.

What’s your proudest moment at the Hospice?
I used to bring people in in my car and I got to know people.  One chap I drove, he died while I was on holiday and at the Christmas Fair a lady approached me and said she had been looking for me to say thanks for looking after Ken. That she came in to find me, that was well, I filled up.  That’s where the satisfaction comes from. 

Tell us more about how your skills and experience benefit the Hospice...
I was 35 years at the Daily Mirror overseeing production, I loved my job – others had qualifications, but I had the experience and maturity.

What do you like about volunteering for Dr Kershaw's?  
I just like people – it’s as simple as that!

Do you feel volunteering has any benefits for you?
I like being busy, (not one to be left alone and there’s nobody to talk to at home,) it gives me something important to do.  I hope you won’t mind me saying it also keeps me out of the pub!