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Greg (student)

Reception Volunteer since 2016
Greg is going on to study medicine in September 

Why did you want to volunteer for Dr Kershaw's?
Unlike most volunteers, I hadn’t heard of the Hospice before but when I phoned up and spoke to the team, they were so friendly.  The feel of the place is homely and welcoming though people might not expect this.  The main thing I think of when I think of Dr Kershaw's is how bright and welcoming it is. It's a nice relaxed place to volunteer, you’re not forced to do anything additional that you might not want to…that said, I have done some strange things to support the Hospice!

How do you think volunteering will help you in your future career?
The human side of medicine is so important – as a doctor I’ll need to make real connections with people so they trust me and I can treat them with dignity.  Volunteering in the Hospice has really helped me develop this skill. I have met all types of people and learned how to communicate well with them, that’s priceless to me. Every shift is different so there’s plenty of problem solving experience and the chance to make a real difference for people when they really need it. 

How does volunteering fit in with your life?
It’s become part of my weekly routine and fits in easily – in some ways it’s a pleasure to come and help here, because it asks so little of me and can make such a big difference for people.  It’s such a simple thing to be friendly and helpful but I like knowing that my time saves money for the hospice. 

I also like helping with events when I can – one of my weirdest memories of the Hospice will be escorting Hope (our mascot) at the summer fair so that Bryan who was inside the costume didn’t fall over. We both got soaking wet in the rain but seeing the children smiling was brilliant.

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