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Varun (student)

Afternoon Tea Volunteer since July 2015
Varun is going on to study engineering next year 

Why did you want to volunteer for Dr Kershaw's?
My sister used to be a volunteer and I have always liked helping people so I thought I would get involved as I feel the same way.

What I like most about volunteering is when someone says thanks and has a smile on their face – you know you’ve done something good.  I couldn’t say I’ve got a proudest moment at the hospice because I just serve the tea (!) but I feel proud to be part of the team.

I’m going onto engineering eventually – I know that’s pretty different from working in medicine but employers are always looking for those ‘soft’ skills like working in a team and with people.  I know that volunteering at Dr Kershaw's is doing me some good and it’s great to help others too.